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Please join DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido TODAY, OCT. 29, at 6 p.m. on FACEBOOK LIVE! as he presents an up-to-the-minute discussion on the No Layoffs Agreement, and the latest developments in the union’s response that prevented layoffs and saved 22,000 municipal workers’ jobs. A question-and-answer session will follow. Click this link: See you on Facebook tonight at 6 [More...]

City and DC 37 Reach a No Layoffs Agreement

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District Council 37 and the City of New York Announce a No Layoff Agreement for Union Members through June 2021 District Council 37, the city’s largest public employee union, has reached a tentative no layoff agreement with the City of New York that would save the jobs of thousands of municipal workers through fiscal year 2021.  The agreement would save the City of New York $164 million by deferring payments to the union’s welfare funds in exchange for no layoffs of DC 37 members in city-funded positions through June 2021.  The agreement further stipulates that should the City of New York be granted $5 billion in budget relief, the no layoff agreement would be extended through June 30, 2022. Key Points  ·  The deferral of payments totaling $164 million to the four welfare funds (the DC 37 Benefit Trust, the 372 Severance Related Fund, the SSEU Local 371 Health & Welfare [More...]

We Say No Layoffs!

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The COVID-19 pandemic, a sudden public health crisis that has gripped our country since March, came as a shock and has taken an emotional and financial toll unprecedented in the history of New York City.  Immediately, our city became one of the major epicenters of the outbreak. The consequences were sudden. Plans were changed, futures diminished, and lives were ruined as thousands died from this deadly virus.  But the city’s public workforce was ready. Our front-line workers stood up, and since the first cases were reported in late February, they did everything that was asked of them—and more. As the pandemic raged on, tens of thousands of municipal workers bravely served the public, risking their lives daily to provide and maintain needed services despite long odds against them. Their service was exceptional under conditions that included many not having proper personal [More...]

You Can Help DC 37 Stop the Proposed Layoffs

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Sisters and Brothers, Over the weekend DC 37 launched a campaign to highlight the invaluable services our members provide and demand the state Legislature take action to stop the proposed layoffs of 22,000 city workers. Please visit to watch the video and click the link to email your elected officials and urge them to support the various job-saving proposals under consideration. We are at a critical juncture. It is vital that the state Legislature take action to save the jobs of members, who as essential workers have already sacrificed so much during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please share this message with coworkers, family, friends — anyone who is willing to stand with us! We are essential to New York City. Layoffs are simply not an option. Visit: to email your [More...]

Local 1455 Paints BLM Murals 

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By DIANE S. WILLIAMS  Crews of Traffic Device Maintainers in Local 1455 laid the groundwork for five official murals spelling out Black Lives Matter on major boulevards and roadways around New York City. Local 1455 members employed at the DOT Sign Shop in Maspeth, Queens, made and hung street signs at the thoroughfares officially co-named for the social justice movement. As in Washington, D.C., where a Black Lives Matter mural paves the road to the White House, in June, Mayor Bill de Blasio and elected officials ordered the city Dept. of Transportation and the Public Design Commission to add the street art as a part of a societal shift towards more inclusive dialogues on race and policing. “The DOT paint crews are incredibly talented,” said Mike DeMarco, president of Local 1455. “The work required to produce these murals is meticulously measured out and all done by [More...]

Local 3005 is Key to NYC’s COVID-19 Response

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BY DIANE S. WILLIAMS, with additional reporting by Samantha Rappa-Giovagnoli Local 3005 scientists are on the front lines of New York City’s COVID-19 response, testing for the deadly virus and its antibodies at New York City public health labs. This month the Health Dept. scientists are expanding vital testing, opening nine new COVID-19 clinics in underserved communities across the city. “DOHMH City Research Scientists and Water Ecologists and OCME Criminalists are playing major roles in this most difficult global health crisis,” said Local 3005 President Jeff Oshins. “They are going above and beyond the scope of their duties to provide professional expertise as the city’s elite corps of disease detectives.” “The nine new satellite clinics will be able to turn around test results in about a day, depending on volume,” said Oshins. Lab Preparedness Coordinators in [More...]

Local 372 Presses for Ventilation and Cooling in All Public Schools 

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BY DIANE S. WILLIAMS Kitchen temperatures in a Manhattan public school exceeded 135 degrees during a recent heat wave as 3,400 essential workers prepared Grab-and-Go meals to feed hungry New Yorkers, children, young adults and seniors, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The excessive heat in school kitchens creates work conditions that are unacceptable, unhealthy and inhumane. We need safe, healthy and ventilated school kitchens. We need a permanent fix now!” said Local 372 President Shaun D. Francois at a press conference Aug. 5 in Manhattan. With union leaders and elected officials, Francois called for Mayor DeBlasio and School Chancellor Richard Carranza to impanel a task force to remedy ventilation and cooling systems in all public school kitchens and sent them correspondence asking the same. Since schools shuttered in March, Mayor De Blasio tasked 3,400 Kitchen [More...]

Midnight Budget Passes. Pressure is on Washington and Albany to Prevent 22,000 Layoffs

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By MIKE LEE As hundreds of Occupy City Hall protesters gathered in front of the City Hall steps, the New York City Council passed the $88.1 billion budget for the 2021 Fiscal Year in a midnight vote, after hours of contentious hearings. The final vote was 32-17, with one member absent. New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson summed up the difficult evening saying, “Heart wrenching, impossible choices had to be made. It was not easy,” Johnson said. The current budget was negotiated at a time when New York City is confronted with a $9 billion loss in tax revenue. The Mayor cut his proposed budget by nearly $8 billion. After intensive negotiations with the City Council, $1.1 billion was added to the final fiscal agreement. Opposition to the budget was strong, with members voting against the size of cuts to the New York City Police Department (NYPD), who were criticized in the [More...]

The Fight Moves to Washington

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By HENRY GARRIDO, DC 37 Executive Director We are in a fight for our lives.  I am supportive of the efforts of Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council in hammering out a budget under the worst conditions New York City has endured in recent memory — tragic and brutal circumstances. While there are reasons to believe this budget process could have ended much worse, the conclusion leaves me with no cause to celebrate or a sense of relief because of the danger that lies ahead as we navigate through this crisis. The budget the city passed just before midnight on July 1 opens the door to an October layoff of tens of thousands of the city’s public service workers. This will happen unless we succeed in getting our fair share of federal funding to help recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Of course, this leads us to our next fight, this time with the U.S. Senate, which only recently [More...]

Updates and New Free Services for DC 37 Members

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DC 37 has added more FREE services to help members during the COVID-19 pandemic. EMERGENCY COVID-19 CERTIFICATE for PUBLIC SCHOOL WORKERS, APPLY by SEPT. 1 Candidates seeking certain certificates and extensions may be eligible for the Emergency COVID-19 certificate, allowing them to work in public schools or districts for one year while taking and passing the required exam(s). You must apply on or before Sept. 1.  Learn more about how to earn the teaching certificate here.  DC 37 EDUCATION FUND  Summer HSE Classes: The DC 37 Ed Fund offers High School Equivalency Diplomas via online classes in July. Classes are offered in English and Spanish and the exam is available in English and Spanish. Classes include all five subject areas; a Math Only class is available for those who passed the other four subjects on the exam. To apply visit: [More...]