DC 37 Contact Numbers

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IMPORTANT: DC 37 COVID-19 INFORMATION DC 37 contact numbers DC 37 Hotline 212.815.7555 DC 37 Safety and Health 212.815.1685 Health and Security Plan Inquiry Unit 212.815.1234 H&S TTY (Teletypewriter) 212.815.1266 H&S Info for Retirees Toll-Free 1.877.323.7738 outside of NY/NJ/CT Personal Service Unit 212-815-1250  Education Fund 212.815.1700 Municipal Employees Legal Services 212.815.1111   DC 37 Divisions DC 37 Non-Profit and Private Sector Division 212.219.0022 DC 37 Blue Collar Division 212.815.1010 DC 37 Clerical-Administrative Division 212.815.1020 DC 37 Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals Division 212.815.1030 DC 37 Professional Division 212.815.1040 DC 37 Schools Division 212.815.1050 DC 37 White Collar Division 212.815.1060 Retirees Association 212.815.1781 DC 37 Locals Local 95 Head Start Employees 212.219.0022 Local 107 National Membership and Fundraising [More...]

NY Daily News: Not enough NYC municipal workers work from home, says union head

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By MICHAEL GARTLAND City government is falling far short of the state’s edict that 75 percent of non-essential workers telecommute, prompting fears from union officials that scores of city workers are being needlessly exposed to the coronavirus. “City workers are not near 50% — not even close to that,” said Henry Garrido, head of DC 37, which represents nearly 150,000 city workers. “We’re not even close to 25%,” he added. “There appears to be a lot of institutional resistance to people working from home.” Gov. Cuomo announced Thursday that 75% of nonessential workers should stay home, upping the number from a 50% recommendation he made a day before. But Garrido said that despite those recommendations, city agency leaders have dragged their feet to get with the program. Mayor de Blasio is well aware of the situation, he added. “I speak with the mayor almost [More...]

DC 37 at 55 Water Street Closed On March 18

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DC 37 at 55 Water Street, 22nd and 23rd floors, in Lower Manhattan will be closed Wednesday, March 18 for a deep cleaning. DC 37 members can still reach union representatives—council reps and grievance reps—by email and mobile phone. The DC 37 Education Fund at 75 Broad Street, and the West 45th Street locations remain open. The union’s 55 Water St. location will reopen on Thursday March [More...]

A Humble Engineer Keeps NYC’s Ferries Afloat

March 16, 2020 // 0 Comments

By PETE LEVINE With degrees in marine engineering, mechanical engineering and management, Local 375 of District Council 37 member Earl Baim might appear overqualified, at least on paper. However, Baim is a vital member of a very small team of Department of Transportation engineers responsible for the constant maintenance and construction of New York City’s ferry system. The crown jewel in the system is the iconic Staten Island Ferry, which transports some 70,000 New Yorkers every day. According to Baim’s boss, A’gota Fejes, without the 32-year veteran on the team, they’d all be sunk. “His hand is everywhere,” says Fejes, a civil and structural engineer, who is based out of the St. George Terminal in Staten Island, where the Staten Island Ferry originates. “He’s a very sharp person. He’s diligent, he’s efficient, wise … he’s a great support not just to me but to [More...]

Union Health Local Leaders Testify on Coronavirus, Health Care Funding

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By MIKE LEE While the Coronavirus crisis continues to build, DC 37 leaders testified before a special joint hearing of the New York City Council’s Hospitals and Health Committees at City Hall, on March 5. The hearing, which lasted well into the early evening, focused on the city’s response to the impact of the virus, which, as of this writing, has eleven people diagnosed with the illness, with dozens more exposed now in self-quarantine. Speaking at the hearing was United Federation of Nurses & Epidemiologists Local 436 President Judith Arroyo, Jeff Oshins, president of NYC Health Department Technical Professional Employees Local 3005, and Vice President Michael Greco, from Local 2507 FDNY Uniformed EMTs and Paramedics. In her testimony, Arroyo discussed the action her members taken during the crisis, working overtime, and in some cases double shifts, to provide information and [More...]

Important Information About Your Prescription Drug Benefits UPDATED

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IMPORTANT IN FORMATION REGARDING YOUR OPTUMRx PRESCRIPTION DRUG BENEFIT! All Active and Non-Medicare Eligible Participants COVID-19 Response Policy Effective immediately, in consideration of the escalating COVID-19 situation and to ensure that we meet the needs of our Participants during this crisis, the DC 37 Health & Security Plan requested and OptumRx has agreed to immediately lift the “Refill Too Soon” restriction on covered drugs until further notice. IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR AETNA PRESCRIPTION DRUG BENEFIT OFFERED BY SILVERSCRIPT! Medicare Eligible Retirees COVID-19 Response Policy Effective immediately, in consideration of the escalating COVID-19 situation and to ensure that we meet the needs of our retirees during this crisis the DC 37 Health & Security Plan requested and Silverscript has agreed to lift all restrictions on covered drugs for the [More...]

Win a $250 Gift Card with DC 37 Rewards, and Other Prizes!

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For the next 30 days, DC 37 Rewards is running a special promotion. Every time you refer another DC 37 member to join and they join, you will be entered to win a $250 gift card from CVS, JC Penney, the GAP, or Sephora. Plus, if you refer 25 fellow members who join, you win a $25 gift card from one of those merchants of your choice! Whomever refers the most new members in the next 30 days, gets a $100 gift card from Best Buy! Best of all, it’s easy. Here’s how: Log into your account and you will see a message with a personal referral code. Share this code with any fellow DC 37 member in good standing and have them enter it when they sign up. When a member joins using your code, you will be credited the referral and get another chance to win! You will be able to monitor how many referrals you have accumulated in your DC 37 [More...]

Census 2020 Starts Today!

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The day you have all been waiting for is here! Census 2020 starts today. We need you to get counted & fill out the form now! It’s only 10 short questions. Either via phone (844-330-2020) or online DID YOU PARTICIPATE? LET US KNOW BY CLICKING HERE Find out why it’s safe. Title 13 of the U.S. Code protects you, one of the strongest federal laws on the books. Your answers can’t be shared with anyone – not to other federal agencies outside the Census Bureau, not the police, not your landlord, not NYCHA – or they will go to jail for 5 years and be fined $250,000 Please count EVERYONE — whether they are a citizen or not, whether they are on the lease legally or not, whether your apartment is “legal” or not. Make sure you count EVERYONE — especially children! Get others to be counted: It’s EASY. Have them text LaborCounts to [More...]