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City Lifeguards Save Drowning Man at Orchard Beach

August 14, 2020 // 0 Comments

BY DIANE S. WILLIAMS A crew of five City Lifeguards rescued a Bronx man who collapsed in knee-deep water at Orchard Beach July 29. “We saw him wade out and suddenly he collapse face down into the water,” said Lifeguard Supervisor Neil Veloz. “When we reached him and pulled him out, he had no pulse and wasn’t breathing.” Lifeguards Andriy Kapys and Arlene Suvana pulled the victim, Joachin Rosado, 33, from the water. Immediately Lifeguards Julio Benjamin and Troy Washington began CPR to resuscitate Rosado. But when they used the defibrillator, “he had no shockable heart rhythm,” said Veloz. Lifeguards began a cycle of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and used a Bag Valve Mask (BVM) to pump air into Rosado’s lungs. Soon they saw signs of life return even as the victim lay on a backboard semi-unconscious. FDNY Paramedics in Local 2507 arrived in [More...]

City Lifeguards Preserve 6-Year Safety Record

November 4, 2019 // 0 Comments

By DIANE S. WILLIAMS Four City Lifeguards saved two drowning children from the waters of Manhattan Beach on August 24. The rescue was among the most dramatic of the many acts of exemplary service that has resulted in a six-year safety record of no drownings or fatalities at any public beaches or city pools guarded by the Parks Department corps of first responders in DC 37 Locals 461 and 508. “The emergency skills learned at the Municipal Life Guard Training School and their rapid response saved the lives of two young victims who otherwise may not have survived,” noted Peter Stein, president of Lifeguard Supervisors Local 508. “It’s very unfortunate that the Parks Department has failed to recognize these lifeguards for their heroism. It’s a shame and a huge oversight that the agency has not publicized the outstanding and unmatched safety record set by City Lifeguards and their [More...]