Dept. of Environmental Protection

“We are proud of what we do. We have seen the water get so much cleaner since the ’70s.”

September 1, 2016 // 0 Comments

William Edgar, Captain, Marine Workers Local 2906 Photo: Clarence Elie-Rivera I love the water. I grew up in the Bronx near Throggs Neck. There was a private beach with a lifeguard and teenagers used to all have boats. My father and I fished on the grounds of SUNY Maritime College, where I ended up majoring in meteorology and oceanography. I started working at the Dept. of Environmental Protection on Feb. 29, 1988. Getting a job with the city was one of the best things you could do at the time. I have a very good job working in the harbor. I came in as a Mariner and worked my way up to 3rd Mate and was promoted to Captain. The Captain is responsible for the whole ship. I pilot the ship. I work with some very great people. The crew has a Captain, a Mate, two Mariners, a Chief Engineer and an Assistant Engineer. We all get along well. There are five ships in service. Being able to [More...]

The union wants to send a French multinational water management profiteer back to Paris

March 18, 2016 // 0 Comments

BY DIANE S. WILLIAMS Veolia, the giant conglomerate that gave a clean bill of health to the poisoned water supply in Flint, Michigan, has for years drained New York City of millions of taxpayer dollars, critics charge. And with its hefty city contract set to expire in June, opponents of outsourcing public services are set to battle with Veolia, a $27 billion company based in Paris, over the future of how New York City manages its wastewater treatment system. “We urge the city to not renew, extend or issue new contracts to run any part of New York’s public wastewater system with Veolia — or any for-profit management company,” said Jim Tucciarelli, president of Sewage Treatment and Senior Sewage Treatment Workers Local 1320, whose members operate the Dept. of Environmental Protection’s 14 wastewater treatment plants and collections facilities. Since 2011, New York City has paid [More...]