DOT Highway Repairers Help Staten Island Driver in Fatal Crash

July 16, 2021 // 0 Comments

By DIANE S. WILLIAMS Two fast-acting DOT workers helped rescue a driver from a burning SUV in a fatal crash July 10, on the Staten Island Expressway. The Department of Transportation crew was making road repairs Saturday around 8:30 a.m. on the Brooklyn-bound highway leading to the Verrazano Bridge. “The SUV was traveling in the high-occupancy lane on the left when it hit the wall with such force that it crossed three lanes and stopped near the work zone where we were,” said Assistant City Highway Repairer Michael Sasso, a DOT employee since 2013. “It happened so fast. How no other cars were hit is a mystery.” Sasso and coworker Eusi Pickering, a Local 376 Highway Repairer, ran to the wreckage to find an unconscious driver slumped across the front seats of his Buick. Sasso said, “The OnStar operator called 911 as we worked to figure out what to do.” The SUV started to leak [More...]


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Raul Domenech, Local 1501 President  I am a Senior Attendant at the New York Aquarium, where I clean and maintain the grounds. As an essential worker, I come in contact with the public daily.  As a union leader, I want to set an example, so I decided to get the shot. I did my research. The information on the union website helped me make my decision. I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in April. During the height of the pandemic, I was very concerned for my family and my coworkers.  There was so much misinformation circulating back then. We didn’t know much about the coronavirus. At first, there was a shortage of PPE. I remember I met the DC 37 Safety Director Deborah Williams a few times in a Bronx parking lot to get masks for my members. I know coworkers who got sick from COVID-19. They were out of work for six weeks, two months. Some still have long-term effects from COVID. I [More...]


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Eddie Rodriguez, President, Local 1549  A friend of mine was very concerned about my health, so she made an appointment for me to get the COVID-19 vaccine. On Feb. 28, I got my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine and I took my second dose in March. I have hypertension and I am pre-diabetic. Due to these health concerns, I decided to get the vaccine. I did it because of my age and because I love my family. Now that I have my COVID-19 vaccine card, I carry it as proudly as I do my union card.  I had no reaction to the vaccine. I know people are afraid. We cannot control how our bodies will react to the vaccine, but the fact is that the coronavirus kills. Whatever reaction we have is certainly not as serious as the potential of being infected and becoming very sick and dying. If you love yourself and you love your family, you have to get the COVID vaccine. Don’t think because you’re [More...]

Essential Workers #GetVaccinated

April 12, 2021 // 0 Comments

This series shares DC 37 members’ personal stories and their reasons for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. In the fight to end a global pandemic, DC 37 is proud of the work, sacrifice, and dedication of its members in these unprecedented and challenging times. Nate Franco  Social Worker Level 3, Harlem HospitalLocal 768  “I am a Social Worker caring for COVID positive patients. I have gotten tested nearly every week since tests became widely available. The same day I heard I was eligible for the vaccine, I took the first appointment available, which was at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. I got the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the safety of my family and for myself.  The virus is still spreading and coworkers were contracting COVID. I have been very afraid to bring it home to my family. To keep everyone safer, we separated. My wife and child went to live with my in-laws, and [More...]

Paramedics Make In-flight Rescue

April 9, 2021 // 0 Comments

NONSTOP HEROES: Three New York City first responders, Local 2507 FDNY Paramedic and mental health counselor Andria Connell, President and FDNY EMT Oren Barzilay, and Local 3621 FDNY Lieutenant Krystal Hayes at Los Angeles International Airport after their midflight rescue of a Jet Blue passenger. By DIANE S. WILLIAMS Three New York City Emergency Medical Services Paramedics saved a distressed airline passenger on a Sunday night Jet Blue flight to California on March 28. Their heroic and quick action midflight also helped the airline avoid an emergency landing. “We had been in the air about four hours and I had dozed off when a flight attendant called for help with a medical emergency,” said Krystal Hayes, a 14-year veteran FDNY Lieutenant and member of EMS Officers Local 3621. Although their seats were scattered, Paramedics Andria Connell and Oren Barzilay immediately stood up [More...]