Can You Help GOTV?

Sisters and Brothers,

We are 20 days away from the most critical moment in history! The upcoming 2020 Presidential Election Nov. 3 will be our only opportunity to elect new, proven leadership with the goal of preserving and protecting our country and our rights as workers! 

This is an anxious and difficult time for us all.  As a nation we are being tested like never before. But AFSCME Never Quits! It is our duty to step up in order to protect our jobs, our benefits, and our UNION. 

Sisters and Brothers, we are counting on you to be the change we desperately need! We cannot afford to allow the Trump Administration or the global pandemic to continue to undermine everything we have worked hard for, or to derail our progress! 

How can you help? A simple phone call is all it takes. DC 37 needs volunteers to call and talk to our union sisters and brothers about the importance of voting in the upcoming general election to achieve change across the United States. 

Join us on Wednesday Oct. 14 for DC 37’s weekly virtual phonebank to call union members in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Click here to sign up!

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