“Having clean, safe parks is important to the community and the quality of life for us all”

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Carole Lee Singleton, Parks Supervisor, Local 1508

Neighborhood parks are backyards for most New Yorkers. Most of us live in buildings and don’t have backyards in the conventional sense. Having clean, safe parks is important to the community and the quality of life for us all.

A lot of residents don’t have many options to go away on vacation or travel to rural places. This is it.

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Parks are where people come to exercise, to meditate, to relax. They bring their children — and their four-legged friends — here to run and play.

We make sure the park is nice and clean so they have a memorable experience each time they come. I believe Parks staff works hard to make an enjoyable experience for everyone.

As a Parks Supervisor, I can’t take vacations during summer months because that’s our busiest time. It’s a sacrifice I make to get the job done.

I take pride in what I do, and I try to instill a good work ethic in the employees I supervise.

I raised my daughter and sent her to college. Now it’s my turn, so through my union I’m working on my degree at the College of New Rochelle’s
DC 37 campus.

I’m active in my local and I think it’s important to attend the monthly union meetings. It’s where I learn what’s going on, exchange ideas with others. We have strength in numbers so it’s important to show up and get involved. I believe together we work for change.

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