Retiree Activist Loses Home in Fire



For 30 years, Sallie Robertson worked a busy Brooklyn intersection as a Local 372 School Crossing Guard helping the students from St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School cross Nostrand Avenue.

Robertson, now a DC 37 retiree long active in union campaigns, was highly regarded by the parents, teachers and students from the school. When she retired in June 2008, the Midwood Block Association held a farewell party in her honor.

Robertson has enjoyed her retirement, spending time with her grandchildren and volunteering with the union’s Retirees Association.

But on March 29, while doing laundry in her home in St. Albans, Queens, a spark ignited in her dryer and started a serious fire. Robertson, her aunt and grandchildren quickly left the house as the fire spread to the main floor of her three-story residence.

None of them were harmed, but considerable damage was done to the home, forcing Robertson to move into temporary housing in nearby Addisleigh Park.

“I thank God we are all alive,” Robertson said of the ordeal.

DC 37 has created a fund to help Robertson get back on her feet. Donations of clothing, size 18, can be dropped off at the union Executive Office in Room 525 and monetary donations in the form of a check get can be dropped off at the Accounting Dept. in Room 501.

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